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CellarDine was set up in 1998 to design and develop original and innovative products for the retail trade, where we started with just one product; the Therm au Rouge red wine warming sleeve. As a family business we design all products from pen to paper, looking to create exciting new innovation which is useful, functional and affordable.

CellarDine prides itself on creating new products starting from scratch having researched the market to identify the right product to meet consumer demand. CellarDine has gone on to create a wide range of innovative wine accessories including the Therm au Rouge red wine sleeve, ZapCap bottle opener, Rouge 02 wine breather, ChillCore, CaddyO bottle chiller and cocktail gift sets, in addition to essential and traditional bar accessories. All CellarDine products and packaging are recyclable or reusable, the company is committed to working with raw material suppliers who share this philosophy in sustainability.

We now export to many countries worldwide and are truly grateful to all our customers for their support and encouragement, without whom we would not have been able to create such new ideas.

We appreciate that every penny is hard earned and value your custom enormously. Thank you.

Our Product Range


Flexicles Bottle Chiller and Lever Action Corkscrew

This special gift set is an ideal present for the ultimate wine enthusiast as it consists of a superb quality stainless steel Lever corkscrew and white wine bottle chiller, in addition this set includes a spare worm for the corkscrew plus a foil cuter for removing foil from the tops of wine bottles, all at excellent quality and value.

  • The Lever corkscrew will remove all traditional corks, synthetic and foam corks from the bottle even flanged neck bottles.
  • The Flexicles bottle chiller will actively chill warm bottles in 5 minutes and keep then cold for 5 hours, simply retain in the freezer until required, simple and easy to use.
  • Available in a superb full colour gift box with magnetic fastening.
  • Foil cutter will remove the foil from a wine bottle top with a qtr turn, uses four rotating wheels.
  • Compact set made from high quality materials, bottle chiller design unique to this set.
  • Gift set packaging is bi lingual.
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Rouge 02 (by the glass wine breather)

The NEW Rouge 02 by the glass really does capture the true spirit of innovation and originality, designed to aerate wine as it is being poured straight from the bottle to the glass, perfect wine every time.

The Rouge 02 by the glass captures the essence of this theme by delivering quality to the very last drop. It’s a must have wine accessory and is already proving very popular, its unique air flow system allows air bubbles to gentle drop into the wine as its being poured to maximise its full flavour and bouquet as soon as it enters the glass, it’s perfectly formulated pouring spout ensures no drips every time.

Its compact design means the Rouge 02 by the glass can be used both domestically and in restaurants, an excellent wine enthusiast product and very easy to use. Simply insert into the neck of your favourite bottle, fits all neck sizes including large flanged neck bottles.


ChillCore 3 in 1

The unique ChillCore 3 in 1 system has been designed to chill warm bottles from the inside and it’s specially created airflow system allows the ChillCore to remain inside the bottle when in use. The ChillCore is so simple and easy to use.


The ChillCore will actively chill warm bottles of wine in 15 minutes keeping them cool for up to 2 hours whilst remaining in the bottle. Can be used on any size bottle including traditional, screw cap & flanged neck. Can be stored in the freezer until required. The gel inside the stainless steel rod is non-toxic & FDA approved, manufactured with high quality materials.


The ChillCore can remain inside the bottle whilst being poured this helps to maximise the cooling temperature and provide the best possible drinking experience, the revolutionary air flow system ensures effortless pouring whilst chilling the wine at the same time. Safe & easy to use.


If you are not able to consume a whole bottle of wine, the ChillCore 3 in 1 system has a unique rubber seal stopper to keep your opened bottle of wine fresh for at least 48 hours. Can be stored upright in the fridge until required. The ChillCore comes pre-packed in a full colour gift box.

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor home entertaining and an ideal all year round gift.
  • Takes up minimal storage space in the freezer
  • Unique air flow system allows the ChillCore to remain inside the bottle when in use to maximise chilling performance.
  • As recommended in the UK national press.
  • Comes pre packed in a stylish recyclable gift box.

Vacuum Wine Saver

A new stylish design, the CellarDine vacuum wine saver is safe and easy to use, developed to keep wine fresh to the very last drop, simply insert the rubber stopper into the neck of the bottle and place the vacuum pump on the top and start to lift the pump up and down to extract the air, when resistance is felt on the handle this indicates the air is fully extracted and will retain the freshness for a maximum of 14 days.

For those of us who like to explore our taste buds and experiment with new and exciting flavours the wine saver is perfect as there is no need to drink the whole bottle through fear of oxidization, the wine saver will keep multiple bottles fresh with its spare stoppers and if drinking your favourite white wine can be stored up right in the fridge.

The new CellarDine wine saver is made of ABS with a stainless steel body and comes pre packed with two unique silicone stoppers that work exclusively for this set. The spare stoppers come with a easy to use internal button that once pressed side ways can be removed effortlessly from the bottle.

The vacuum wine saver is a perfect Father’s day, Christmas and year round gift not to mention a must for domestic home use, available with one pump and two stoppers supplied in superb full colour gift pack format fitting all 750cl and 1 litre bottles.

  • Can be used on all red and white still wine.
  • Made from high quality materials.
  • Comes pre packed with one pump and two stoppers.
  • Works on all 750 cl bottles and flanged neck wines.
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Perfect all year round gift.

ZAP CAP premium bottle opener

Simply place the ZapCap on the bottle, punch down and it will magically remove the cap with the minimum amount of effort

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • The internal magnet will catch the cap when removed for easy disposal.
  • The ZapCap is manufactured from high quality materials, stainless steel with a new matt black finish.
  • The ZapCap comes pre-packed in a stylish gift box making it an ideal gift and year round present.
  • Perfect not just as a gift, but for barbeques and home entertaining

Therm au Rouge and Flexicles Bottle Chiller

Therm au Rouge red wine sleeve plus Flexicles white wine chiller.

This perfect combination gift set includes the original Therm au Rouge red wine warming sleeve together with a Flexicles white wine chiller, both sleeves designed exclusively for this set, only available from CellarDine.

  • Perfect for chilling warm white wines.
  • Ideal for warming cold reds to the perfect temperature.
  • Both sleeves fit 750ml wine bottles.
  • Flexicles white wine sleeve to be chilled in the freezer for 4 hours before use and can be stored in the freezer until required.
  • Therm au Rouge red wine sleeve has a unique energizing gel which can be activated by the click of a button to start the warming process.
  • Therm au Rouge can be re-generated in a saucepan of boiling water and can be re-used up to 500 times.
  • This superb gift set comes with a Wine Tips booklet confirming correct temperatures.

CaddyO Bottle Chiller

CaddyO has been designed to chill warm bottles in minutes, keeping them cold for up to 9 hours.

Developed in the UK the CaddyO has a unique cooling gel inside its core to actively chill bottles to the ideal drinking temperature, simply store the cylinder in the freezer for a minimum period of 4 hours and remove when required. Place the cylinder inside the neoprene cover which will insulate the bottle for maximum chilling performance. Fits all 750 and 1 litre bottles.

Perfect for an all year round gift!

  • The CaddyO is easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.
  • The CaddyO base is made of rubber to ensure no table markings.
  • Includes pre packed with a stainless steel waiters friend corkscrew.
  • Perfect BBQ companion.
  • Excellent chilling performance staying cold for up to 9 hours.
  • No ice required, no drips or water leakages simply store the cylinder in the freezer until required.