Our Story

Mymanu is an innovative technology brand on a mission to unleash limitless potential. We’ve combined our passion for innovation, music, communication and technology to develop unique and truly wireless solutions with the finest sound quality that will empower people to celebrate and create new experiences whilst connecting with others. At Mymanu® we strive to maintain an exceptionally strong commitment to research to transform yesterday’s fiction into tomorrow’s reality.

Why we do it?

We believe in unlimited connection.

How we do it?

We remove barriers.

What do we do?

We create the highest quality hardware and software filled with revolutionary solutions, which enable unlimited connection.

Product Range


Mymanu CLIK S

Mymanu’s truly wireless CLIK S enables travelers to speak to more than 2 billion people in 37 languages across the globe.
The Clik S is designed to revolutionise how you communicate. Thanks to a smart AI intelligence system you can interact with anyone, in their own language both locally and over a long distance. When we say pioneering we really mean it -the groundbreaking translation function can translate 3 languages in real-time so you’ll never be lost for words or out of the loop, whether you’re travelling or negotiating solo or as part of a team.

Experience unstoppable performance.
There’s no need for ear hooks, CLIK S earbuds have a custom design, specialising in secure comfort and fit, so they’ll stay put no matter what - whether you’re practicing your gymnastics or working on your dance moves, you’ll find your CLIK S earbuds securely in your ears. The compact design allows CLIK S earbuds to sit perfectly in the ear, without causing discomfort. CLIK S earbuds come with four silicone tips allowing you to find your perfect fit. With no wires to hold you back, the CLIK S earbuds make it easier than ever for you to achieve your best

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#1 Live translation and social messaging Solution for Travellers

Offers seamless automatic voice translation within social messaging.

• Speech-to-speech and speech-to-text translation
• Automatic live voice translation in 35+ languages
• Translate on 1-2-1 basis and in group anywhere in the world
• Conversation text transcript
• Secured conversation via private invitation or QR code
• Call services


3 in 1 magnetic charging cable works for Both IOS &Android.

The Mymanu 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Cable offers easy and fast charging for IOS and Android. With pull-resistant and anti-wrap wire, one cable is all you need. Comes with magnetic interchangeable port tips for iPhone, Type-C, and Micro devices

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Minimalistic Sleek Design with Monochrome Accents

Mymanu Smart Wireless charger mixes fast charging with a sleek presentation. Made from CNC aluminium alloy and diamond cutting PMMA vacuum plating mirror, this ultra-thin wireless charger will look the part on anyone's desk! This wireless iPhone charger can also charge Android and other Qi-enabled devices.

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Mymanu VIBE

For gamers on the move

• Portable gaming, movies and music earbuds
• Haptic immersive kinetic sound vibration experience
• Low latency mode for instant reactions for games and no lag for movies
• Bluetooth v5.0
• Enhanced bass frequency response
• Memory ear tips for perfect sound isolation


Mymanu TITAN

The world’s 1st voice activated eSIM powered earbuds

• Make & receive calls & texts, listen to music without your phone using eSIM technology
• 100% voice activated – voice powered
• Automatic live voice translation in 35+ languages
• More coverage and better security than Wi-Fi
• No screen. No bacteria
• Bluetooth v5.0 for truly wireless connection
• High fidelity sound performance

Your new favourite travel companion
Titan’s elegant design and hands free, voice-activated technology is made for moving around. Whether you’re hopping over to Europe to soak up the sun, going off the beaten track long haul or making deals for business, Titan’s eSIM technology makes it a breeze when it comes to choosing local carriers and keeping roaming charges down. Fully embrace local life wherever you are with Titan’s real-time embedded translation. Discover hidden gems in the area thanks to 30+ languages with speech-to-speech and speech-to-text functionality.