Founded in 2003, Hali-Power Industrial Co. Ltd specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of smart products. Our high quality products are now being used by over 100 million users around the world and have been well received by consumers

In 2008, Hali-Power launched its own brand MiLi. In 2009, Hali-Power became the first Apple authorized manufacturer in China, and MiLi also became an Apple authorized brand. In China, we have established 7 branches, 18 MiLi concept stores and over 5,000 retail stores nationwide, including more than 95% of APR retail stores that are selling MiLi products; across the globe, we have over 50 agents and more than 30 airlines selling MiLi products on their flights.

Powering Mobility

MiLi Phone Pure III - Portable UV Phone Sterilizer

99.9% Sterilization Rate |Sterilizing in 5 mins |Magnetic zipper | SGS quality certification |

The MiLi Phone Pure III makes it easier to disinfect personal items that are frequently handled throughout a day’s journey. As studies have shown, items such as smartphones may harbor 10-18 times more bacteria than even a toilet.

The Phone Pure III can sterilize practically anything that you can fit into it — mobile devices, bills, loose change, car keys, house keys, credit cards, eyewear, watches, jewelry, and the like. Whatever you can think of, the Phone Pure III can take care of in a matter of minutes. Keep one in your car, in your office, and in your bag, and you’ll be armed with peace of mind anywhere you go.