Independently Bottled Irish Whiskey Expressions

Founded by three friends who have a long history and experience in the history, heritage and spirits of Ireland. Two Stacks is a contemporary new whiskey brand, one of Ireland’s only independent bottler &blender.

Two Stacks utilises unique positioning to select casks from our strong relationships in distilleries across Ireland, bringing about a new age of using old age techniques to modern day Irish Whiskey.

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey are on course to sell up to 1M cans of Irish Whiskey, and 20,000+ bottles of Two Stacks Irish whiskey in 9 months since launch.
Two Stacks is founded by the team at Ireland Craft Beverages.

Ireland Craft Beverages is an B2B export and distribution business focussed on independent artisan breweries, distilleries and cideries. In operation since 2014.

Previous product developments and projects include, transparent Blockchain-based Downstream Beer, also co-founding Killowen Distillery, an upcycled sustainable distillery in the Irish Mourne Mountains (Ireland’s smallest distillery).

Bringing Age Old Techniques to Modern Day Whiskey

Inspired by the distilleries and merchants of old and the global brands of new Two Stacks Whiskey is a part of a new wave of exciting independent Irish whiskey bottlers.

Selecting casks from distilleries across Ireland, Two Stacks is a group of tipplers and enthusiasts at the forefront of Ireland’s latest renaissance in distilling.

Blending Ireland’s long and rich
history of distilling heritage
with modern and new world creatives.

Creating an inclusive feeling for
whiskey to be enjoyed by everyone.

Two Stacks strives for
quality over quantity

Product Range


The First Cut
Complex Blend

The First of Our Core Range Expressions

A sweet and delicate combination of;

This easy and approachable whiskey is perfect for drinking on any occasion, enjoy neat, with your favorite mixer or whiskey cocktail.

Free of coloring and non-chill filtered. Cut and bottled at 43%

The Blender's Cut
Cask Strength

From Cask to Bottle

Taking the same complex five-part blend found in The First Cut and keeping it in all its natural glory.

Bottled at 64% rich in heavy oils and pot still spice, a true cask strength whiskey to be savoured neat or with a drop of still water.

Free of coloring and non-chill filtered. Bottled at a cask strength range of 63.5-65.15% — the highest proof Irish whiskey on the market.